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Can I Use my @gmail?

Gmail & Early Access Users

All early access Gmail users please read this important information about using your email address inside of Open To Close.

If you signed up for early access, you received a notification about your email address and Open To Close. Unfortunately, because of the enormous costs incurred by Google’s new “Consumer Email Policy” ( in excess of $150,000 every year forever ) we cannot permit accounts the ability to connect to Open To Close at this time – this may change down the road depending on the adoption of OTC.

Because of this annual fee the only option we have is to permit Google Workspaces ( ), Outlook, and Office 365 users the ability to use the platform for API based email services. If you don’t wish to use any API services, this message does not pertain to you, and we’ll send all of your emails internally from our native email provider.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace gives you the ability to set up a branded domain name based email address so that you can use the Googles API. For example is a Google Workspace email address therefore it can connect to Open To Close and use the Google API.

Please visit for more information and pricing.

All You Need Is the Following…

  1. A Domain Name ( e.g. ). You can buy one at
  2. A Google Workspace account with your branded email ( e.g. )

Can I Use My Email Account?

Yes, if you set up a Google Workspaces email address and connect it to Open To Close you can still use your email address. To do so, you need to set up your email address as an alias inside of your Google Workspaces email account.

Here’s how to set up your as an alias: How To Set Up A Gmail Alias

What Is the Cost for Google Workspaces?

The base cost for Google Workspaces starts at $6 per user.

I Have a Google Workspaces Account, What’s Next?

Once you set up your Google Workspaces account, simply Whitelist Open To Close inside of your Google Workspaces account.

If you have Whitelisted Open To Close, you will be receiving an invite to Open To Close shortly.

Thanks, looking forward to having you on board here shortly!