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How To Set Up a Gmail Alias

Here’s How To Set Up A Gmail Alias

Once you have a Google Workspace email address ( ), setting up a Gmail alias is super easy.

  1. Go into your new google workspaces email address account settings
  2. Click on the tab titled “Accounts”
  3. In the section, “Send mail as”, click the “Add another email address” link
  4. In this box, fill in your Gmail information:

Name: First and Last
Email: – what ever your gmail address is

Now, click next…

SMTP Server: it should say 587
Username: this is the first part of your Gmail address before the @ sign
Password: what ever your password is

Lastly, click Add Account

That’s it!

You should now receive a confirmation code to your address, simply paste that code into the box provided.

If you receive this error

“Authentication failed…”

No worries, you just need to set up a “App Password”

  1. Go to your email settings for your new Google Workspace email address: Click Here
  2. Click “Security” in the left hand navigation bar
  3. Go to the section called “Signing in to Google”
  4. If you have “2 Step Verification” turned on you will see a link called “App Passwords”, click it.

Important: If you don’t have “2 Step Verification” turned on, you won’t see the link called “App Passwords”. You need to turn it on, then you can click the link called “App Passwords”.

Now Let’s Generate an App Password

App passwords are great! They let you sign in to your Google Account from any type of device or application securely. We highly recommend them!

  1. Select App and then choose “Other”
  2. Enter “Alias” for the title
  3. Click the “Generate” button
  4. Copy the password shown on the screen
  5. You will use this password instead of your regular password when setting up the alias in the previous steps

If you receive this error

“You must send through Gmail SMTP servers when you send as…”

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click this link: Security > 2-Step Verification
  2. Then check “Allow users to turn on 2-Step Verification”
  3. “Enforcement” turn “Off”
  4. Then scroll down and click “Save”

That’s it!

You can now set up an Gmail alias.

Please note, any change you make inside of Google Workspaces (GSuite) could take up to 24 hours to propagate.